Relove Consignor Contract

As a Consignor of Relove Consignment I understand that:

Items must be in excellent condition with no holes, stains, odors, broken zippers, missing buttons, animal dander, etc.

Items can be brought folded in paper bags. Hangers are not necessary. 

We accept items Monday - Friday.  No consignments are accepted on weekends unless by appointment

Relove Consignment does not accept items from Target, Walmart, Old Navy, Kmart, Payless Shoes, Mervyns and are selective on items from other discount stores and certain styles that may not hold up for resale.

We select what our customers want to buy from the items you bring in. Please understand that our customer’s preferences guide our selection. 

Relove Consignment reviews items a minimum of two times. During the first review we will ask if you would like to donate what we don’t take to WEAVE (Women Escaping a Violent Environment) or pick up. If something was missed during the first review we automatically donate to WEAVE unless you have specified for your items to be returned.

The consigned price is set by Relove Consignment and is based on the condition, age, brand name, and original retail price of the item. We do not guarantee any prices.

If you have any concerns or discrepancies about your consignment these must be brought to our attention within 30 days of consignment drop off.

A $1 buyers fee is added to each item that goes directly to house, this does not impact your consignors split

It takes approximately 2-3 weeks for items to be priced. Once priced they will go on the floor as space is available.

Items are on consignment for a period of 90 days. After 60 days the item will go on sale for 50% off.

Relove Consignment has the right to adjust markdowns at any time for sales and special events. All consigned items are subject to sales, in-store specials, or coupons during the consignment period.

Items not sold at the end of 90 days become the property of Relove Consignment. We donate items that have not sold to WEAVE and tax donation receipts are available upon request.

If you would like your items back we request that you let us know when you bring in your items. These will be returned at the end of their 90 day cycle. If you do not let us know ahead of time we cannot guarantee they will be returned.

If you would like your items returned before their 90 day cycle it will be a minimum of $20 to pull items and an additional charge for every 10 items over the initial 10. 

Due to the nature of jewelry consignment we cannot return jewelry items once they have been inventoried.  

We retain the right to make changes to this contract as needed. We will update consignors with any adjustments that may impact consignment.