How to Consign

Consigning is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

  1. Choose items that have resell value that are in excellent condition with no holes, stains, odors, broken zippers, missing buttons, animal dander, etc. 
  2. Call ahead to make sure we can take your items or set an appointment
  3. Bring items folded in paper bags. Hangers are not necessary. 

We look at items M-F from 10-4pm. If you have more than 10 items to consign please come at 10am or make an appointment. Depending on the quantity before you we may look at the items while you wait or later that day. Of the items we are unable to take you are welcome to take back or donate to WEAVE. If you are taking back the items we are unable to take we ask that you pick them up that day. We have no space to store items for later pick up. All seasonal items will be separated but please do your best to follow our outline below.

Relove Consignment does not accept items from Target, Walmart, Old Navy, Kmart, Payless Shoes, and are selective on items from other discount stores and certain styles that may not hold up for resale. Please check this list regularly for what we are not taking.  With such a high volume of consignments coming in daly we are choosing only items that we know will sell quickly. 

It will take 2-3 weeks to inventory these items. During inventorying they will be reviewed for a second time for any thing that was missed or determined not to be a good fit. You will receive a call to take back any items if you have originally asked to pick up.

Once inventoried we will have your items on consignment for 90 days. After 60 days if an item hasn’t sold it gets discounted 50%. If after 90 days it hasn’t sold it automatically gets donated to WEAVE (Women Escaping a Violent Environment) and tax donation receipts are available upon request.

Money goes into your account as an item sells. Most women prefer to use account credit for an extra 10% off purchases.  You can also cash out your balance for $25 or less, request a check to pick up at the shop, or wait for quarterly payouts through direct deposit of $50 or more. 

Please review our consignor contract here

There are shorts periods of time when no consignments are accepted due to seasonal change and excessively large inventory amounts. Please call to check if we are accepting consignments. 

We accept items seasonally, with the following schedule: 

January: light winter items (no tall boots or heavy coats)
February: transition to Spring items (no shorts, flip flops, or swimsuits) 
March - July: Spring and Summer items
August: transition to Fall items (no tall boots or heavy coats)
September - December: Fall and Winter items

Jewelry Consignment

To expedite the entry of your jewelry and ensure it hits the floor in a timely manner, we have put in a new policy in place. Please refer to the following guidelines when considering consigning your jewelry. Thank you for your understanding and your continued loyalty.

  1. All jewelry must be in sellable condition. This means no tarnishing, matching backs for earrings, clasps working, no missing jewels, and no dirt or debris residue. 
  2. If consigning real silver (92.5) please shine the items with a cloth. These can be purchased at Target or Amazon.
  3. If consigning multiple necklaces please make sure each one is in a separate baggie, wrapped up in tissue, or in some way separated from the others so we are not spending time untangling the items. Baggies are available by request. If jewelry is too tangled we will return it to you. 
  4. Keep in mind that themed jewelry will only sell at certain times of the year (ie Christmas trees will only sell at Christmas.) If you choose to bring these in out of season we may hold onto them until it is seasonally appropriate. 
  5. Jewelry will be accepted every other month: Jan, March, May, July, Sept, Nov. 
  6. Months we do not accept jewelry we will be running specials.

How you get paid

Consignors receive 40% of the final selling price of items consigned. Once items are sold money goes into the consignor account and will accrue until either a check is mailed, a check or cash out is requested, or balance is used towards purchases. 

Checks are sent quarterly (January, April, July, and October) to consignors with balances of $25 or more. Balances of less than $25 can be cashed out at the store anytime during business hours. If you would like to pick up a check please call at least 48 hours ahead to be sure one can be written. Consignors can choose to leave earnings at the store to use as credit towards purchases with an additional 10% off. 

Find out what we're accepting now and our latest consignor news here

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