Relove Consignment

The Relove Experience - Your Fashion Sisterhood Connects!

The Relove Experience - Your Fashion Sisterhood Connects!

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Enjoy Folsom's Trendsetting Women's Party!

Folsom's #1 Women's Consignment Boutique is now hosting a dazzling new concept for the modern woman. Groups of coworkers, girlfriends and mothers and daughters are coming together for a unique fashion experience.

PLEASE NOTE: One Purchase Per Attendee - Minimum 4 for Private Access

Each Relove Experience includes

- $50 product credit (enough for a whole new outfit)

- Private access to Relove Consignment after hours!

- Toast and fun games to set the vibe

- Sisterhood as you find new looks for a new you

We recommend between 4 and 10 attendees per event - please purchase for the number of people you could like to attend. Our in-store concierge will follow up to set a date and learn more about your perfect experience.


Relove Consignment is Folsom's go to destination for sustainable and chic fashion. With a commitment to style and the environment, Relove is where fashion forward women discover curated treasures that make a statement.

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